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Dr Tanya is passionate about the best in beauty, using medical grade treatments and high quality products. 

Welcome to Skin Lab & Beauty!

We offer an extensive therapy list that includes a range of medical grade beauty treatments as well as anti-ageing injectables and fillers. Skin Lab & Beauty’s nurses and therapists are professionals in dermal therapy and skin care. They use their knowledge and expertise in medical science and advanced beauty techniques to give you radiant, beautiful skin!

Located at the Ormeau Village shopping centre and Hope Island Marketplace, Skin Lab & Beauty offers an extensive variety of pampering therapies including Facial treatments, IPL Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Advanced Skin treatments that include Collagen Induction therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma, Anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Our in-house skin specialist and cosmetic nurses, have extensive knowledge of skin therapy. Our conscious approach to skin care beauty helps to get your skincare goals leaving your skin desirous and smooth. We provide free consultations to find out which treatment is right for you. Gives us a call at (07) 5510 9991 to know more.

“Gift Yourself the Real You”

Dr. Tanya

“Dr. Tanya is a renowned Skin Expert and an award-winning Entrepreneur. Australian Skin Life is a part of Amtan Group. Her perseverance, knowledge, and skill to develop unconventional products that are safe, is what differentiates her from many. She has created a dedicated brand for skin, hair, and health products.

All the products are developed under Australian health standards and is a combination of top quality organic or natural substances to provide the best results. “

“My mission is to build a healthier lifestyle by educating, inspiring, and creating a peaceful life for everyone. To help you not just look beautiful but feel beautiful is my aim. I’m using traditional Ayurveda remedies and incorporating science-based evidence to find the best version of “yourself”.

I have been working on 3 continents of the world and found my passion in Skin and Women’s Health.

I’m a busy mother of two, who is continually striving to find the balance of finding the right tools for an effective way of looking after yourself and others.

Intrigued by an ancient practice and its positive effects, I found it extremely fascinating to create a brand for the desirous self-care person in us”.

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Hope Island

Ph: 07 5510 9991

Hope Island Market Place,
99-103 Broadwater Avenue,
Hope Island,
Queensland, 4212


Ph: 07 5670 3957

Ormeau Village Shopping Center,
37/59 Eggersdorf road,
Queensland, 4208

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    skin lab and beauty phone call  Hope Island : 07 5510 9991
   skin lab and beauty phone call  Ormeau : 07 5670 3957
   skin lab and beauty mail  info@skinlabandbeauty.com.au

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